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Loving Your Child's Brain - Giving them every chance to flourish through their lifetime

Jim Hendrix

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This course guides parents of children of any age from birth to old age in understanding what various parts of the brain do when they are working well and when they are misfiring. It provides In-depth guidance on changes that can be made to improve your child's ability to live their best life from school to relationships to ability to choose the career they want when that time comes to pushing off diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's, memory loss and stroke by changing habits and life choices and habits. This material is wide ranging but not a traditional parenting program. It empowers parents to make a huge difference in their child's life now and through their lifetime. It is illustrated with SPECT images that show how well the brain is functioning and what a healthy brain looks like and what brains with a variety of challenges look like that make issues so obvious that they can even be used on. preschoolers to help them make better choices. It turns behavioral issues into brain issues that can be treated. It covers traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, depression, anxiety, being stuck and stubborn, ADD/ADHD, Bipolar and Schizophrenia. It allows every child to flourish whether their issues are clinical or subclinical. This Experience. has six experiences that are free which give parents enough information to choose which paid experiences would benefit their child most or the entire series can be taken at a discounted price. I also have an assessment that the parents, teacher and even the child if old enough can fill out and I will score and spend an hour reviewing the results and subsequently recommend a plan to optimize your child's chances to flourish, I can write a Dear Doctor letter if medication is indicated and in cases where it is warranted or desired make a referral to one of the 10 Amen clinics for a SPECT scan assessment and treatment protocol in very difficult cases.



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