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Uniquely Yours- Everyone has a story worth sharing. Your story is comprised of experiences which have shaped you into the person you are today. Our children are created with a unique purpose and placed in our care so that we can love them, help them learn to love others and teach them how to thrive in the world. Much to our dismay, they do not come with a guidebook. This is your community to connect and collaborate on the most important topic that we face today…parenting.

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Your Stories - Your Children

Everyone has a story worth sharing. Your story is comprised of experiences which have shaped you into the person you are today.  Our children are created with a unique purpose and placed in our care so that we can love them, help them learn to love others and teach them how to thrive in the world.  Much to our dismay, they do not come with a guidebook.  Although there are many parenting books out there, we learn the most from the experiences of others who have gone before us that are willing to share their authentic stories of parenthood. Ultimately, your child's own life experiences will mold and shape them into who they were created to be.  Often, it is at our most difficult and painful parts of life that we discover our purpose. Teens can utilize their own community here in Convene, Uniquely U, for help in making sense of their own experiences, and to realize that they aren't alone. 

The Unique Challenge of Parenting a Teen

Our job is not to fix our child when they feel broken.  It is to love them as best we can, learn to listen, honor their feelings and to help them develop resiliency when life's challenges come their way.  We cannot expect our children to grow in areas they are struggling unless we are willing to grow ourselves.  Here at Uniquely Yours, we have created a space for you to share, learn and grow as a parent.  We are all experts of our own story and your story adds value here when it can reach someone going through a similar circumstance.  There are helpful tools that true parenting experts will provide here as well such as podcasts, webinars and training modules to help you become the best parent you can be.   


Meet the Uniquely Yours and Uniquely U Community/Group Leaders

vAI7e2HBMfOCs0opCuKZdoQdb3znHTiOm9JaXzbt.pngKate Gallihugh spent 19 years of her life practicing pediatric medicine as a physician assistant.  During her medical career, she realized patients were more apt to bring their wall down during a sensitive conversation if she could connect with them through parts of her own life story.  She also discovered that some of the best parenting advice (that actually worked with her own kids) came from other parents, not her textbooks! 

Kate has seen the healing power of belonging to a life-giving community and sharing authentic stories after she reclaimed her own mental and physical health with the OPTAVIA program in 2018.  She elected to become an Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coach to pay the gift of health forward to others.  Her passion is to empower parents and young people and create a healthier family unit by providing them with tools and support to gain control over their emotions, mindset, and lifestyle. 

Kate had a vision in 2020 to create two separate communities where parents and teens/young adults could share stories and wisdom acquired through life experience for the good of others.  She knew the communities needed to be safe, moderated, and allow for anonymity.  A pivotal conversation on the beach with Jeff Bateson led Kate to Convene Communities, "a platform with a purpose."  With Jeff's help, these two virtual communities became a reality.  Within Convene, Kate and Jeff co-lead Uniquely U (for teens/young adults) and Uniquely Yours (for parents).  Kate is also wife and mother of two adolescent boys and loves to remain open and curious to learning new things.  She is excited to learn from you in this space as well!


Jeff Bateson is a life-long educator, working as a head collegiate soccer coach for 20 years, close to two decades as a youth soccer coach and director of coaching, and most recently entering the classroom for his fifth year as a middle and high school teacher. His wife, Kristy, is a pediatric physical therapist and he is the proud father of two young ladies entering the 9th and 10th grades this year. Jeff holds a degree in Elementary Education from Alma College as well as a Master's degree in Athletic Administration from Central Michigan University. Jeff has also been helping grow Convene Communities since 2015. He is a part of Convene's Core Team as the Chief Operating Officer. Aside from Co-Leading Uniquely U and Uniquely Yours, he is also the Community Leader for the Soccer, Coaching, Teachers, Volleyball and Adventure communities (the later three Coming Soon). 

Having grown up in an extended family full of teachers and educators, Jeff has always had an innate desire to help others become the best versions of themselves. He uses this inclination while coaching, making sure that his players not only become better players but more importantly become better people in the long run. Jeff still has those same desires for his students today while teaching and coaching his high-schoolers.

Jeff wants to use this community to continue to helps others by connecting people in need to those who can help. He also sees this community as a great way for himself to grow and learn from others. Learning from others, especially the experts who join this awesome community, will only allow Jeff to guide his students in a more positive way through life, his ultimate goal in teaching and coaching. 

Amy Kraus is a national keynote empowerment speaker, author, the founder of Kindnness Starts With Me! Education Programs, veteran educator and mom of two.  Her mission of the Kindness Starts With Me! Education Program is to give children and parents tools they can use on a daily basis that bolster self esteem and remind them that they have the power within themselves to go out and attain the goals they put in place for themselves.  Amy has a passion for helping kids find love within themselves and to make sure they never feel alone again.  In addition, she speaks to students, parents, and educational staff on the focus of self love and how to deal with overwhelm.

In connection with her educational program, Amy is a mental health advocate, especially for kids giving a voice to those who struggle in silence by sharing her own mental health battles and journey.  She speaks regularly to schools, community organizations and on social media platforms that advocate for all people.  As a woman who was on the edge of ending her life, she has now transformed her life and become the stand for creating a world where everyone can be themselves unapologetically and unconditionally loved by all.  

Amy is the leader of our group, "Inspire to Thrive." Her goal is to create a safe environment for parents to connect who wish to commit to more regular engagement and learning opportunities and enhance their parenting toolbox.  Members will meet with group and community leaders on zoom in our live "thrive casts" and will have the opportunity to engage in "real talk" conversations about the most important issues parents are facing today. They will also have access to special blogs, exclusive experiences, active discussion boards, and daily affirmational messages.  

Jim Hendrix is an Amen Clinics Inc, Certified Brain Health Professional, whose current mission in life is to empower parents to give their children every chance to flourish throughout their lifetime, optimize their brain, and correct problems (some before they start).  His passion comes from a long-term battle with depression from childhood that was started in large part after two brain injuries.

Jim was a psychotherapist for 11 year in private practice, and a brain science and brain bealth geek for over 25 years.  Jim has followed the work of Dr. Daniel G. Amen for over 25 years and uses the Amen Clinics methods in his own practice.

Jim suffered from depression from the age of 7 (1968) which roughly correlates with a fall from a tree.  He never told anyone about the fall, even though he had been knocked unconscious.  His depression was untreated until the mid 90's when, in his words, he discovered that "life didn't suck."

In 2013, Jim suffered a psychotic break and went through a series of diagnoses from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder but, as you learn to read brain SPECT scans in his courses (and then see from Jim's own scans), neither of those diangoses were correct.  His brain is beat-up from blows to the head and there are definite signs of depression and anxiety, but not the other disorders that psychiatrists insisted were true.

Jim's deep compassion and vast knowledge allow him to be an engaging teacher and effective mentor.  He helps parents guide their children to a more successful, healthier, happier life from childhood to adulthood.  He can do the same for adults who are brave enough to admit that they need help or just want a better brain and all the benefits that come with it. 

Jim has also been a laser engineer, optical engineer and techical and program manager for over 35 years.



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Being a Youth Sports Parent Ain't Easy!
We all love watching our kids play sports. But do we all watch them the right way? Come on in and find out!
Jeff Bateson
Thrive with Family & Community Healing
Depression, anxiety, conflict, and loneliness are at all-time highs while our schools and workplaces focus on cognitive skills. What’s needed is for us all to learn how to create healthy and rewarding relationships with ourselves, each other, and Earth. The Thrive Together group is hosted by The Foundation for Family and Community Healing for youth and adults to develop the skills and habits needed to create mental, emotional, and relationship health in a safe, online space. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with the passionate mission of helping us all to create healthy and rewarding relationships with self, others, Earth, and the loving force that connects us. FFCH offers skill development resources presented in beautiful online educational modules for individuals, students, employees, family members, and community organizations, to create behavior change that leads to healthier and more fulfilling lives. If you wish to learn more about us and how we can help your organization, please reach out to shakim@familyandcommunityhealing.org for more information.
Shakim Craft
Loving Your Child's Brain - Giving them every chance to flourish through their lifetime
This Group guides parents of children of any age from birth to old age in understanding what various parts of the brain do when they are working well and when they are misfiring. It provides In-depth guidance on changes that can be made to improve your child's ability to live their best life from school and work, to relationships, to ability to choose the career they want when that time comes, to pushing off diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's, memory loss and stroke as far off as possible by changing habits, life choices and behaviors.
Jim Hendrix
Hope and Healing for Families Experiencing Eating Disorders in Teens
Eating Disorders in teens are more common than we'd like to think. Teenagers try to hide or justify their behaviors and parents may not know what to do. It is not an overstatement to say that eating disorders control the whole family, not just the individual who is powerless to "get over it." I know my parents would have been relieved if I could have made a decision to stop under-eating and over-exercising, but that is not how it happened for my family. My name is Laurel Marr. I struggled with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa from the age of 15 to 35. I have made a full recovery physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am excited to have an opportunity to share my experiences with parents who are in need of information.
Laurel Marr
Kate Gallihugh: Agent of Personal and Family Transformation
I help people connect on a deeper level with themselves, others, and the world around them. I serve both parents and adolescents as a whole being coach, speaker, and content creator. As a Certified Platform Professional in Convene, I also assist professionals who serve youth and parents in building private groups to offer them a safe and collaborative peer to peer learning environment.
Kate Gallihugh
Empowered Parents=Empowered Kids
A safe place for parents to share, connect and grow on a variety of topics that will help them feel empowered so they can help their kids feel empowered along the way
Amy Kraus

Community Public Experiences

After Practices and Games
Now that your child's practice or game is over, what is the best thing to talk about in the car on the way home?
What is the BEST Parenting Advice You Ever Received?
When we first become parents we are all rookies. In every stage of parenting we enter this reality does not change. What is the best advice you have ever received?
Matthew Currin
Helping our kids with peer pressure
Helping our kids regardless of age when the pressure to fit in becomes overwhelming.
Amy Kraus
The Reality of Social Media
The reality of social media is that it is here to stay. As parents we must learn how to manage this with our kids. It is harder than you might think!
Matthew Currin
Coming Out On Top!!
In today's world teenagers face a tremendous amount of pressure. Because they have a lot of pressure, the parents face a lot of pressure. It is our responsibility to support them.
Matthew Currin
Parenting Is Not a Competitive Sport
Someday, your son or daughter will look back on their youth sports experience. What will they remember?
Jeff Bateson
We Are The Lucky Ones!!
I loved to be moved to tears. Often my wife ask me why I watch the videos that I do- and the answer is simple- tears are good for the soul!!
Matthew Currin
Tryouts...from a Coach's Perspective
"Not that I expect anyone to read this...but as I sit here stressing about tryout time I wanted to share some insight from a coach's perspective."
Tryouts from a former youth player's perspective
Thoughts on tryouts from a former youth player's perspective. Someone who has endured the process many times.
The Sobering Reality of Parents with school aged children.
There are undeniable truths that parents and their school aged children realize.
Eugene Brown Jr
Childhood Memories- How Important Are They?
Childhood Memories- How Important Are They?
Matthew Currin
Almost The End! .39 Alcohol Level
I almost died! .39 Alcohol Level and on the brink of death!
Matthew Currin
Have you ever dug way deep into your past in order to reflect on how some of your current limiting beliefs or behaviors began? This is a powerful exercise in your journey of self-discovery and I will share with you how taking the time to write my truth impacted my future.
Kate Gallihugh
When it's over, it's over!
This experience contains an important message about making the most of every minute that you're fortunate enough to play sports competitively. Because one day (even if you're a hall of fame professional) your career will come to an end and you'll wish you had one more chance to suit up and play.
The Importance of a Positive Attitude
This experience conveys the message of how vital it is to have a POSITIVE attitude. Simple idea, but very important.
What Kind of Sport Parent Are You?
What Kind of Sports Parent Are You?
Is your athlete having a positive experience?
20+ ways parents can help their child have a positive experience when playing sports.
Do you know what a good practice session looks like?
Do you know what a good practice session looks like?
"Come on Dad, focus."
A video experience to educate parents on how to avoid bad spectator behavior at their child's games.
Crazy Sports Parents
Crazy Sports Parents, We Know Who You Are. Just Stop.
Aaron Reeves
Loving Your Child's Brain - Giving them every chance to flourish through their lifetime
This course guides parents of children of any age from birth to old age in understanding what various parts of the brain do when they are working well and when they are misfiring. It provides In-depth guidance on changes that can be made to improve your child's ability to live their best life from school to relationships to ability to choose the career they want when that time comes to pushing off diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's, memory loss and stroke by changing habits and life choices and habits. This material is wide ranging but not a traditional parenting program. It empowers parents to make a huge difference in their child's life now and through their lifetime. It is illustrated with SPECT images that show how well the brain is functioning and what a healthy brain looks like and what brains with a variety of challenges look like that make issues so obvious that they can even be used on. preschoolers to help them make better choices. It turns behavioral issues into brain issues that can be treated. It covers traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, depression, anxiety, being stuck and stubborn, ADD/ADHD, Bipolar and Schizophrenia. It allows every child to flourish whether their issues are clinical or subclinical. This Experience. has six experiences that are free which give parents enough information to choose which paid experiences would benefit their child most or the entire series can be taken at a discounted price. I also have an assessment that the parents, teacher and even the child if old enough can fill out and I will score and spend an hour reviewing the results and subsequently recommend a plan to optimize your child's chances to flourish, I can write a Dear Doctor letter if medication is indicated and in cases where it is warranted or desired make a referral to one of the 10 Amen clinics for a SPECT scan assessment and treatment protocol in very difficult cases.
Jim Hendrix
The Best Parenting Advice I've Ever Received
Parenting is the hardest job we will ever have. I believe we can teach one another so much by sharing words of WISDOM we've learned from some of the challenges we encounter in life, marriage, and parenting. In this experience I'll share the top three rules to live by as parents that I have learned from those who have gone before me.
Kate Gallihugh
I am From...
I am From is a poem written by Laney Currin. It is meant for us to reflect on where we are from and what makes us who we are.
Laney Currin
Mirror Mirror on the Wall...A Self-love Experience
This experience is all about you! It is an opportunity to truly look at yourself and find the confidence to fall in love with yourself again.
Amy Kraus
Breathwork to help with stress and anxiety
We all have those moments where we just feel overwhelmed. This experience will give you an opportunity to see how you can combat those feelings and recenter yourself simply by intentional breathing
Amy Kraus
Communicating Effectively with Your Middle Schooler
Middle school is a time of transition and growth, and effective communication can play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy parent-child relationship. This experience will help discuss ways to create a stronger relationship during the middle school transition. :
Amy Kraus